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Keep Your Valuables
Secure and Dry

Swim, surf, snorkel, dive, gym, run or take part in other sports

with confidence and comfort


The DryPod offers a hassle-free way to keep essentials safe, dry and secure. This waterproof pouch protects keys, fobs, cash, cards, gadgets and more like no ordinary zipper bag can.

Its triple top closure forms an IPX8 certified waterproof seal tested to 10 meters, keeping contents dry whether you’re swimming, canoeing, snorkelling, paddleboarding or working up a sweat.

The DryPod’s slim, pocket-friendly shape and clear vinyl window make contents easily visible and accessible.

Ditch the bulky waterproof boxes and flimsy zipper pouches. The DryPod takes convenience and security to the next level so you can focus on training without worrying about your valuables.


The DryPod is available in 4 colors:

black, orange, blue and white.


The DryPod comes with two convenient attachment options:

 – a key loop with a lockable safety pin to easily attach the pouch to your clothing,

 – and a neck strap cord to easily secure the DryPod to your body





Place your items inside the DryPod and seal the zip locks followed by the roll-top closure.

Prior to each use, ensure the waterproof seal's integrity by submerging an empty DryPod in water for 2 minutes. If no leakage occurs, the seal is intact and the DryPod is undamaged. Please note that as a DryPod user, you are fully responsible for safeguarding the contents within the DryPod.

Securely attach the sealed DryPod to your clothing or bag using the included lockable safety pin and key loop. If preferred, you can also use the neck strap cord to wear it around your body.




  • Refrain from opening the DryPod while underwater. Wait until you are fully out of the water before opening the roll-top closure.
  • The DryPod is suitable for use in water temperatures ranging from -15°C to 38°C.
  • Avoid placing sharp objects inside the DryPod.
  • It is normal for condensation to form inside the pouch due to temperature differences. This does not impact its waterproof capabilities.
  • The DryPod measures 9cm x 14.5cm externally and can accommodate contents measuring 11cm x 7cm internally.


The DryPod is a product of Immersive Authority (PTY) Ltd.

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